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    Why doesn't Adobe support the browser plugin for Firefox in Mac OS X?

    Adobe PDFViewer for Mac OS X will not run correctly on a system that doesn't meet the following requirements:

    -- Safari browser

    -- Mac OS X v10.4.3 and later

    Acrobat/Reader 8 supports viewing PDF files inside Safari windows on Mac OS X, and will only run on Mac OS X 10.4.3 and later. It does not support any other browser (such as Firefox and Opera).


    It supports Firefox on Windows and Linux, yet not on Mac OS X. (though at least it does support Safari)

    Yes, I'm aware of PDF Browser Plugin, but I prefer Adobe Reader.

    Why the lack of support?

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    I think only Adobe can answer that question. Not Apple and certainly not us.

    To this day big companies lie Adobe, Micro$oft take decisions that IMO only make sense to them.

    Why not email them and let them know how you feel. Maybe if there are enough of you, they'll listen one day...

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    Quote Originally Posted by remain View Post
    Yes, I'm aware of PDF Browser Plugin, but I prefer Adobe Reader.
    I just went to grab this, but it apparently does not support Intel based Macs... So there is no way to view PDF's from inside Firefox on a Macbook/MBP? That sucks...


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    When using Firefox - my PDFs open using Preview which is fine in my opinion. So although you may not be able to get a browser plugin - Preview will work fine for you.

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    To this day big companies lie Adobe, Micro$oft
    Was the word 'lie' a Freudian slip? :black:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alexis View Post
    Was the word 'lie' a Freudian slip? :black:

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