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Thread: Use of onyX

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    Use of onyX
    Hi All,

    Just downloaded onyx, but still not 100% sure how to use it. Does anyone know of any quality websites or other resources that offer general help with onyx?


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    G'day JASOX & a belated welcome to Mac-Forum!

    I use OnyX and if you stick to the basics it's quite easy to perform the maintenance side of things.

    After launching OnyX, Click on the:

    Cleaning Button. Then click on the:

    Internet button:
    There are 4 boxes ticked and 3 unticked. I leave this as is and just click Execute.

    I always leave the default boxes ticked and click Execute - occaisionally I'll tick to add the System Cache box but never the Kernal Cache box.

    I leave this set to default and just click on Execute.

    I always select the 'Securely Delete' option here.

    I leave this set to default and execute.

    If prompted to restart at any time - I restart immediately then continue back where I left off. Usually there are about 4-5 reboots involved.

    Next, click on the:

    Maintenance button.
    First stop ...

    Permissions Tab:
    I don't have OS 9 so I just leave OS X ticked then press Execute.

    I run all 3 scripts at once.

    I usually skip this but it may come in handy in the future. Note there is the option to Reset Finder SideBar here, if it goes awry.

    I always execute a Complete System Optimization here.

    This is followed by a prompt to reboot.

    There are tons of other options in OnyX but I recommend you leave them alone as the last thing anyone wants is problems which could arise from meddling about out of curiosity.

    Hope this helps.

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    Ypu can read through this thread too!

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    i just downloaded onyx and when its doing the startup volume i got an error

    error detected (-9972) while verifying/repairing volume disk0s2 MacBook Pro"

    help!! what do i do to fix this>?!??!?!

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    Boot off your restore CDs, and select Disk Utility, and run verify disk, and if it comes up with a problem, run repair disk.
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    Currently running OS X 10.10

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    15.4" c2d mbp 2gb ram 120gb hdd
    cool thank you

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