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Thread: Microsoft Word 03 for mac....autoformat help please....

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    Microsoft Word 03 for mac....autoformat help please....
    Not sure if anybody can help me out here, but this site has been my one stop shop for help with my mac and its been very helpful in many ways. In MS word for mac, I used to be able to write up notes quite easily for classes. The autoformat feature worked GREAT. At the top of the page, I would type a "1." followed by whatever text. Then hit enter and it would automatically turn to a "2." If I didn't want to start a number two, and just sub-topic off "1.", I could hit tab and it would turn to "a." and be indented bout a half inch. I could hit tab again and it would turn to "i." (roman numeral)....and so on. Hit enter, THEN it would go to "2." and the process could start over. Very ogranized. Well, somebody used my computer and it no longer has this feature using the tab button to autoformat. Now, when I type "1." at the top of the page and then some text and hit enter, it goes to "2." like normal....BUT, when I hit tab, it just simply tabs over and the "2." stays to the left (right below the "1.") instead of turning to an "a." and moving right a half inch over like mentioned above. I hope this isn't jumbled, its tough to explain. I can send examples if anybody is willing to help. I already missed a lecture of notes due to this because I was trying to get it figured out during class. I understand if nobody can help me completely, but how bout steering me in the right direction? Maybe a Microsoft Word section of a good forum or help page or something? I would really appreciate any help. I am so lost. Thanks people!!!!

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    anybody have ideas?

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    I would suggest turning to the Word help files to see what there is about this feature. Unfortunately I don't have Word installed and haven't used it much at all.

    I use NeoOffice and will have a look there to see if it offers the same auto formatting options and let you know.

    What you have mentioned sounds very helpful and I can see why you're anxious to have that feature back again.

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    yeah, it was a very nice feature. I have searched up and down in the help files and just cannot figure this one out.

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