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    Password Storage Apps
    Hello all. I just got my Mac and I don't know how I ever got on with a PC. Anyways, quick question. Are there any good applications for storing site passwords? I used "My Personal Favorites" on my PC, but it seems it's no longer available from Webroot. I saw Webby on but it doesn't seem to want to dl, even from the originating site. Hope this hasn't been discussed before (did a search).

    Thanks in advance!


    P.S. For all I know there could be something built-in to OSX. If so could someone point me in the right direction?

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    there are a ton of options at or

    just search "password"

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    I use Wallet, it stores more than just passwords. But would highly recommend it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Diomhair View Post
    P.S. For all I know there could be something built-in to OSX. If so could someone point me in the right direction?
    The's integrated into Safari, the Finder (for network shares and disk images) and most other apps (Mail, Entourage, etc....) Look in the Preferences window.

    You can actually store anything you'd like in there securely, using the Keychain access app in your Utilities folder

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    I stumbled across an app called Pastor, which stores all kinds of passwords and related info. It saves them as a document (which requires a password to access it, do DON'T forget that password ) It's pretty handy for me in case I happen to forget a password for a site I rarely visit, and rather than display the password on the screen, it will copy it to the clipboard. It also has a built in password generator.

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    You can encrypt notes and add keywords in Yojimbo.

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    I can recommend 1PassWD - It integrates into keychain, lets you save more than one login pr site, keeps everything safely encrypted (one central password) and integrates into most browsers (Safari, Camino, Omniweb...)

    Coming from a Windows PC, you can even import your passcards from RoboForm!


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    Thanks for the replies! So many options...

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    I'll add one more. I keep an encrypted virtual volume (easily created via Disk Utility) and store ALL my sensitive files in it. My passwords are recorded in a simple Word file. Since the volume that file is on is encrypted, they are safe as long as the volume is closed, which is the default state I keep it in.

    The great thing about this approach is that you can store other things than just passwords in a safe manner - think finances, wills, etc.
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