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    .avi dvd rip has no audio... how can I fix it?
    I ripped some DVD's when I had dvd shrink and converted them to .avi files on my PC (back when I still had it).

    I can play the movies on my imac with quicktime and VLC but they don't play any audio. Is there some codec or something I can add to quicktime in order to enable audio of these .avi movies?

    Thanks guys! :dive:
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    VLC doesn't play the audio? Did the audio play fine on windows? That's an odd problem. There are a few plugins I can recommend, let's see if I can find the names of them...

    OK, I think 3ivx was one of them.
    This is the other. This one allowed me to play most of my .avi files through Frontrow, which was really handy.

    One thing I learned the other day, was that some Windows DVD rippers separate the video and audio into 2 files - so you have the .avi and an .mp3 to go with it. I'm wondering if a similar thing might have happened here, as there's no real reason for VLC NOT to play audio as well - quicktime maybe (though for me, it used to play audio, and not video)

    Ah well, check those out and see if they fix anything. I've noticed that .avi files from my digital camera play better in quicktime, whereas .avi files I create from movies and what not play much better in mPlayer (or VLC)

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