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    I'm completely lost with sheep shaver - Help?
    There is a program called Sheepshaver. It's basically a OS 7 - 9.0.4 emulator. Yeah I'm having a few problems getting this app up and running. But no specific yet, just many random issues.

    Has anyone got this app to run? How? And what is it's performance like on intel machines?

    Why I'm asking is I'm soon upgrading to an intel imac and yeah I'm so happy about it. But there's one game I have. Masters Of Orion 2. And I really want to still be able to use it. Would something like run ok in Sheepshaver? Or would it better to get a PC version of the game and use in with Bootcamp? That's if the PC version will work that way. I have no idea.

    Does that make any sense? I'm just trying to say this is really a confusing piece of software to use. And finding a rom and system that it likes are hard too.

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    i had a sheepsaver problem too. i had everything working except i needed a rom file and i couldnt find one. it sucked. i think you can download os7 for free on the apple site and i cant remeber what else you need.

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    Go here to see the instructions to Run MacOS 9 on an Intel Mac

    It seems to me that Apple has a ROM that can be downloaded from an Apple Sever. Here is part of the info from the above link.

    "For the application to emulate the MacOS, you need a ROM for this program to act like a Mac. Thankfully Apple has helped us with this task. On their website they kinda make one available to download. The catch is that you need MacOS 9 to access the ROM, however with a little searching I found a ROM available to download, and fully compatible with Sheep Shaver here. (However if you want to extract your own ROM from the one on Apples server, you need to use TomeViewer)"

    I didn't include the links in the above paragraph, so, go to the uneasysilence site to follow them. The non Apple ROM (indicated in red) is no longer available via the provided link. If you have acces to a system that will run OS 9, it still looks like it can be accomplished using the Apple ROM by extracting it with TomeViewer.

    Hope this helps.

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