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    Adium 1.0.1 File Transfer problems
    I got Adium 1.0.1 and I sent my friends a file and each time I sent it, it said that I canceled it. They are both using AIM 6.0 and when I went on my Microsoft and sent it to them it worked fine. Can anyone help me solve my problem? Thanks in advanced.:black:

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    Just to let you know that you aren't the only one with this problem.

    I completely gave up trying to send files across Adium to friends as I get exactly the same problem re: cancelling when I/they didn't.

    I can accept files fine, but sending files across to them just doesn't work.

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    nobody can send files yet through adium. Adium according to release notes says they are aware of it and are working on it for their next version.. I have the beta but still no file transfers are working.
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    I've gotten several file transfers to work. Both sending and recieving.
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