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    Creating a rollover image in iWeb
    Hey, does anyone know if it's possible to make a rollover image in iweb? if so, how done? Thanks.

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    G'day Findus & welcome to Mac-Forums.

    I only know how to do this for a text, sorry. Just in case it comes in useful for you anyway ..... I'll post it:

    On the webpage, create a text box, add the text then select the text box - not the text - and go to the Link Inspector and add the external url address and tick the box 'Enable as a Hyperlink'.

    You should have a link with no underline where your cursor changes to the pointing hand when placed over the link.

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    iWeb does NOT currently allow you to do any sort of rollover effect on anything but text.

    However, these sites have some suggestions on how to possibly get around that:
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