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    Question Network game between mac & 2 PC's?
    Hi all,

    Just a query, is there a game (like dune for example, old I know but the only one I can think of that I've played) that can be played on a network between a mac (powerbook) and 2 pc's?

    Thanks all

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    Network games use network protocols (rules) to communicate so the operating system or the computer hardware is not an issue.

    A couple of games I can think of for both Mac & PC:

    Age of Empires (kind of similar to dune but ancient rather than futuristic weapons)
    Command & Conquer (generals at least) (very similar to dune)
    Quake (shoot 'em up) (quake 3 is good fun - I think Quake 4 is available for both plat forms)
    Call of duty - is a great game (another shooter but not sure if a powerbook could carry off the graphics)

    Theres quite a few actually - check out the Apple store and look at the Games section - this will give you an idea of whats available - then check if the same title can be found for PCs (in most cases this will be Yes)

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    Excellent thanks RNDdave!

    Think I'll be steering clear of games like Quake, as we want to play them with the kids, so don't think its really suitable for them.

    but I'm glad that its not a big issue, so thanks for your reply!

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