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Thread: Disk Clean Up

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    Disk Clean Up
    Can anyone tell me if there is an equivalent on the Mac to Disk Clean Up on the PC. I wouldn't mind getting rid of useless temp files, cache, extra rubbish that may be clogging up the system?

    Many thanks


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    Onyx is a free application to do just that.

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    wow, that put an end to this thread.... well until just now

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    here are a few more options

    Maintenance Automator Action 3.6

    Doktor Kleanor 10.4

    IceClean 1.6.4b

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    I'd also recommend Macaroni. It costs a few dollars, but will run maintenance routines at a time specified by you rather than in the small hours. This is particularly handy if you sleep your Mac at night rather than leaving it on.

    Mine's set to run when the screensaver's active, so when I get up in the morning I wake the Mac, go and make some coffee, and by the time I come back I know it's all done.

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    I use OnyX also and found it to be darn good.

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    OnyX all the way! What about a program for finding duplicate files?
    I've got a lot of pics that seem to be duplicated. considering I have like 5gb of pics its taking a while looking at everyone

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