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Thread: My only game!

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    My only game!
    I just bought a Black Macbook yesterday and I'm very happy with it. I am just getting around to customizing it and putting my stuff on it and pondered a question while I'm at work. I only ever play one game on the computer and it's Diablo 2, not a real graphic intensive game! I looked at the disc this morning and it said pc/mac, will this work on my macbook and is there anything I should know before installing. This will be my first install on a Mac.


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    it will run fine on your mac book, if its anything like the WOW instal from blizzard just stick it in and it will work, i dont think its a unversal binary yet though
    says its not . . . which means it hasnt been recompiled for intel native mahcines
    as such it may run a bit slow but the best thing to do is just try it

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    I tried the install last night and failed. I downloaded the new installer and everything went in ok. I booted it up and the video was scattered like a puzzle. Thanks for the help!


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