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    Embedded wmv files

    For the past month or so I try to get complicated embedded wmv working under OS X without much luck. I wish I hadn't bought this machine, but now it is too late...

    So, flip4mac complains that it can't play this movie (on the particular site I am trying to get to work, but on others work fine). This is confirmed if I copy the url to the Windows Media Player 9.0 - it also claims that the movie is too new and that newer version of media player is required.

    Luckily, VLC does play that particular URL. I couldn't find a firefox plugin for VLC - is this at all available? However, I managed to get the UNPLUG plugin for firefox, which displays the correct link, but when I click on it it opens a dialog box saying "External protocol request" and tries to launch windows media player. I deinstalled WMP hoping that it would ask me what I want to play mms links with, but it doesn't (it still suggests windows media player). So I would like to change the protocol handler for mms files to VLC. Where and how do I do that? Nothing like .mailcap seems to exist... Any ideas?

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    One thing you should do is send the URL to the flip4mac support site so they can look into how it is encoded and fix their side of the plugin. I send them frequently using their support site and they always send me back a personal email letting me know they also found it problematic and will add it to their list of fixes for the next flip4mac release. They last told me they were going to be releasing a newer flip4mac with better asx and embedded media encoding handling here very soon, but they said to make sure and send them any more sites that were not working so they could see if the new fix would also fix them.

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