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    missing index.xml file in Pages -- HELP!
    Hello: When I tried recently to open a critical file saved in Pages, I get the following message:

    The document <DOCUMENT NAME> is invalid.
    The index.xml file is missing.

    What can I do to resurrect this file?

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    Jan 05, 2010
    Finally a solution that worked for me!
    I tried all the other suggested solutions for the dreaded "The index.xml file is missing" error when trying to open a corrupted Pages document. I had tried all the suggestions from 2007 to 2009 with no luck.

    Then, the last one I came across recommended renaming the file from "[file name].pages" to "[file name]" and then opening it on my Mac. I tried this, but it still didn't work. So I emailed the file to myself at work where i use PC's, and lo and behold I was able to open the file with the intrinsic Windows XP Compressed Folders. I assume that this could probably be done in Windows in Parallels as well, and other applications like Winzip might work just as well as the Compressed Folders in Windows XP.

    After opening it, I found the .pdf preview file (Thanks heavens for saving a preview in the Pages document) and I sent this back to myself at my Mac. Voila! I opened the PDF in Preview, copied, and pasted the text back into a Pages document (with saved preview!). Hope this helps!


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