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    World of Warcraft on a Macbook
    Seeing as when I was looking for info on how well WoW played on the macbook I couldn't find anything as specific as I wanted, I thought I would post a thread about my experience with it.

    System Run On: Macbook Black 2.0Ghz Core 2 Duo 1GBDDR RAM 120GB 5400RPM HDD. (The stock C2D Blackbook).

    OS: The game was installed in OS X in Universal Binary and Patched with no problems.

    Video Settings: I turn mainly all of the video effects down, aside from the Spell Details as I am a warlock and wanted to see my spells in nice detail.
    -Resolution: 1152x720(wide) Also note, I played the game in windowed mode to monitor my computers temp in my menu bar, and I noticed a drop is FPS of about 2-4 when I maximized the screen.
    -I also set the color to 16-bit as opposed to 24 as I read that this helped keep frame rate up... That is not really confirmed seeing as I did not play it in 24bit first.

    Review: The game ran very well in my opinion. I did not notice much of a difference between the way WoW looked on my macbook and how it looked on my friend's Alienware who was playing right next to me. Her FPS were consistently better than mine but that should have been expected. LOL!

    I am a noob at WoW-- yesterday being my first day Hahaha! But even so, the game played at roughly 25-35 FPS in the outside environments of NorthShire GoldShire and jumped to 45-60 inside buildings.

    In Stormwind the game played around 20-25 FPS in mildly congested parts, and 13-20 FPS in highly jammed areas. Overall I think it played alot better than I had expected. I visited a few other places and the performance held pretty true to these FPS and the ones above.

    One thing I can say is that the macbook does not like ghost mode very much. During my long hikes to relocate my body (n0ob!) I noticed a considerable drop in FPS to about 15-20... Not cool, but smooth in most places. Amongst all the dying I managed to make it to Level 9! Yay! :dive:

    Monitoring my macbooks temp during my play time from 5pm to 3am (I had a long fun night. XD) with a Targus Chill pad running underneath, and running FanControl(which I always do), my system ran consistently between 60 and 70 degrees Celsius. Now, I am usually freaking out when my laptop gets hot while doing other applications, but considering the load on the CPU due to the intergrated graphics, I was really happy with that temp and didn't worry about it too much.

    Well, I hope that this will be helpful to those searching for what I was not more than a day ago. XD HAPPY GAMING!

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    Nice review. Repped.
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    Great review. I should have no problem playing WoW when I get my Macbook then. You got lucky though, If you had started playing a month ago, FPS in the cities would have been around 5.
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    You could probably get a few of the graphics options up so long as you keep multisampling to its minimum and have V-sync turned off. The WoW Mac Support forum has a good guide on how to maximize performance.

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    good review. i have a macbook 2.0 duo core 1 mb ram and it runs ok, would not want to pvp on it, but for a mobile gaming machine i am happy with it. I'll try ther colour option to raise the frame rate too!

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