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    using my gmail account with mac mail
    Hey guys-

    Have any of you had problems using mac mail without having a .mac account? I'm trying to use gmail with it. I followed the directions on gmail as to how to do it, but I never worked! I re-did it a few times thinking I had made a mistake, but still it never worked.

    Then today I was on Amazon looking at a CD on there (alesana :headphone ) and all of a sudden my mac mail opened by iteself and i had a buncha "new" messages that popped up. Ones that were sent to my gmail! I'm guessing I accidentally clicked on "email this web page" or something like that?? But anyways I was really excited until I tried to SEND an email, and got this message: "Cannot send message using the server

    The server response was 5.5.1 Authentication Required w43sm6672690pyg

    Use the pop-up menu below to try a different outgoing mail server. All messages will use this server until you quit Mail or change your network settings.

    Message from: <my name was written here>
    <my gmail address was here>

    Send message using: <here was the pop-up menu, it had only one option:>"

    then i had these options: edit message, use selected server, and try again later

    What am I doing wrong?????!!!!!!

    any help would be awesome.

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    Under Account Settings in Mail look at the bottom for Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP). Click Server Settings and set it to Password and then your gmail username and password.

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    I remember setting a password before, but when that didn't work I un-did it. I ALMOST didn't try what you said because I had done it before. BUT I DID ANYWAYS AND IT WORKED!!!!!!!!!!

    dtravis7 = lifesaver

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    hey guys, new to the forums but I came across this when I was having the same error message, my problem was that I was sending a very large file and I think the server wouldn't allow it. (at least for Gmail) and it said it couldn't send it. Anyway, I deleted the outbox message and then tried sending myself another message and it worked fine. Just a thought.

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    Thanks! Got mine to work also.

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