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Thread: Need to install plugin for .spdf files!

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    Need to install plugin for .spdf files!
    For one of my classes I had to purchase an article online. The file is .spdf (sealed pdf) format. There's a free plugin to download which allows me to open it, but the plugin has to be added to an Acrobat folder.

    Because of Mac's "keep it simple (for) stupid" file system, I have no idea where to go to copy this plugin and be able to open this file!! Spotlight didn't get me there. With Windows I would just go to program files and find easily. I'm just frustrated because I'm supposed to read this for my class, which in about 2 hours.

    The message I get is "before you can view sealed PDF content, you must copy the file 'sealedmedia.acroplugin' into the plugins folder of your adobe reader applications package"

    I would appreciate any help from the Mac gurus out there!!

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    go to applications -> adobe reader

    Do a control click on the adobe reader application. Slecet show package contents from the pop up menu. Look in the contents folder. You should see the Plug-ins folder.
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