I posted info on this pretty handy widget I found last night in eric's excellent Mac-Forums Switchers FAQ and Information thread, but I think it deserves a thread all on its own so people can easily find it. Besides this widget doesn't only have to do with switchers but all Mac users.

Each time we mention maintenance programs like MainMenu, OnyX, Maintenance, MacJanitor, etc. to keep your Mac's system fit, lean and mean, we really should look into this widget as well. Why? It's got a pretty nifty twist: you will know when was the last time you actually performed those tasks! So if you really need to catch up, you will know about it.

Maintidget (Maintenance Scripts Widget) is a Dashboard Widget which provides the following functions:
  • Display the last time the daily, weekly, and monthly OS X Maintenance Scripts (a.k.a Cron Tasks) were run.
  • Run the OS X Maintenance Scripts on demand. Just enter your password and click the Run Scripts button. Maintidget is the first Dashboard Widget to provide this feature!
The system requirements are Mac OS X 10.4.3 or later and it's written in Universal Binary code so this means it can run natively on PowerPC Macs as well as on the Intel-based Macs.

So I think you will find this very helpful. Enjoy! :girl: