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    WMV Converter
    I want to stream vodcasts and ripped dvds from my mac to my 360. I have the connect 360 software, but it needs all the video files to be in WMV format. Is there a way to convert from quicktime to WMV in a free or inexpensive app?

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    Thsi program goes from wma/wmv to mp3 or wav or mpeg. I need something that goes the other way, quciktime to windows media.

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    Flip4Mac will encode to wmv (the free version will only allow wmv files to play inside of QT, you have to upgrade to studio [I think that's what it's called] to encode wmv -- there is a demo version that will create clips up to 30 seconds that comes with the free version).

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    Ahh, yes. Studio does do it. Thanks.

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