Any help greatly appreciated! i have made much progress in my quest to use ARD3 to remotely access another computer. I have all the info I need but I am having a bit of trouble setting it all up if somebody wouldnt mind helping me out.

Computer 1 trying to access Computer 2
Computer 2 is behind a firewall
Computer 2 can only be accessed using the ip address or client file

Here is what I need to do and what I am having trouble with:

1. Configure ipfw to rewrite packets destined to port 5900 (the standard ARD TCP port) to port 5800 (the arbitrary port your destination user will be forwarding to himself). In Terminal, run this command: sudo ipfw add 00099 fwd,5800 tcp from me to dst-port 5900

2. Tell the remote machine to ssh to you, and forward the remote arbitrary port to themselves on port 5900. They presumably have no idea how to do this, so you should just email them an entire ssh command line, and ask them to paste it into Terminal, like this:

ssh ip_num -l username -R 5800:

Note that ip_num is your IP address or domain name, and username is an account on your machine. I have a non-administrator account on my machine that I use when I need someone else to connect to me. Don't use localhost, as Mac OS X likes to resolve that to an IPv6 address, and SSH will end up proxying an IPv4 port forward into an IPv6 session, which probably won't work.
3. Configure a new machine in ARD with address, and your remote user's username and password.

This program is supposed to make things easier:

Any help appreciated, i know its all there im just having a pain piecing the puzzle together