Hi guys,

let me warn you this is going to be a thread for those of you armed with patience, for this is a 'guide for imbeciles' sort of issue; if you are short-fused please do not read on, but thanks for opening!

Those of you who have followed the latest on the sudden demise of my iBook and follow-up purchase of the MacBook will recall that I also rushed to buy a .mac membership in order to be able to have a safe place where to back up my files. This happened in the now distant beginning of December; we are now nearing the end of Jan and I have still to figure out how on earth I back up on .mac.

It's not that I haven't clicked on the relevant links but all that these have done for me has been illustrating what weird and fantastical things I can do with .mac but have actually failed to tell me HOW I do these things.

If you have seen this (http://www.mac-forums.com/forums/showthread.php?t=51052) thread, you will also know that, while I can log into my .mac homepage, I cannot log into my iDisk page which, at a wild guess, is where I *think* my supposed back up has gone (is? Will be? Ever was? Who knows).

Can somebody please explain to me how this works? When I purchased .mac I thought I was going to be able to upload updated files effortlessly, even 20 times a day if I wanted to, much like I do at work when I work on a copy of something on the P drive, save it there and, if I wish, make a local copy on my machine as well, and vice-versa. I suspect iDisk too works in this manner but I do not know how and six weeks after subscribing I am giving in to my ignorance and up on the thing itself. I can only pray that the new laptop will not fail like the previous one or I will fear again loss of data with tears to boot.