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    Quote Originally Posted by Pulse-8 View Post
    You can find it if you navigate to Macintosh HD>Applications>Image Capture. It comes pre-installed on your Mac when you buy it. I like using Image Capture as it allows me to have control over how many pics I download from my Digital Camera to my iMac. iPhoto will allow this but it's not as good for my needs.

    If you manage your own folders and use Image Capture, placing images into your own folder tree, then they will be easier to find when uploading. Just ensure the pics are named.

    iPhoto can still be useful it's up to you. It has some basic but good editing features.

    ok thanks...also i just discovered that drag n drop to iphoto does NOT work on
    ugh why???

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    Thumbs down Great ... an intuitive program for which I need a book in order to use?
    Quote Originally Posted by karudzo View Post

    Most things in Mac are extremely easy and intuitive. I highly suggest buying a book- it will be well worth the money. The OS has hundreds of great features and shortcuts.
    This is great. No I'm sorry. I've just took the plunge to the mac actually looking to see if life can be better than the windows life. But I've experienced much frustration. And this remark is probably one of the best examples of how I think the mac and its supporting software is not what it is advertised. "It just works"? Ehm. I'm just dissapointed. I've also experienced nothing but dissapointment from iPhoto. Where are the context menus? why aren't they always available? ... so inconsistent. C'mon Apple.

    Great ... an intuitive program for which I need a book in order to use?

    Really. I'm giving mac a fair chance to wow me with it's ease of use... but where is it? It's wowing me with it's eye candy. But apple can certainly take a hint or two from the windows UI.

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    I also used windows exclusively and decided to try a macbook based on all of the adds on television and word of mouth by mac users... I like it, but iPhoto is killing me. I guess I was just used to Picassa which came free from google, and was everything I could have wanted in an image viewer and manager. Unfortunately, I expected similar experiences with iPhoto... but it's making me recreate all of my albums and duplicating things. That takes a lot of space, I have thousands of photos. I've been searching for something like Picassa since I got my macbook, and if I find something like it I'll be happy. I have Xee, but it's not Picassa. I have VitaminSee as well... I'm still looking for my Picassa for Mac. Any ideas from the group?


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    Quote Originally Posted by rcltrh View Post
    As an alternative application, you could download the complete HP Photosmart driver installation for the Photosmart 7960 printer (even if you dont have an HP printer) because it comes with HP's Image Zone program which works exactly like the Windows version of the same program and is actually a much easier interface and organizer than iPhoto (and better editor and printing program as well). I found this out because I actually have that printer and simply went to their website to get the driver and it came bundled with the Image Zone program.
    I just wanted to thank you for this information! I was also looking for something for organizing and editing my images, and this HP Image Zone software seems to be pretty sweet so far, comes with a manager, editor, landscape stitching thingy, nice looking interface and its pretty intuitive. I also got one similar to this with my canon powershot S3is, but this one looks a little more thought out. WOOT! Thanks again.

    I sure hope that Google puts together a Picassa for Mac one day.

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    I'm not on a Mac (yet), still waiting for my Macbook but I've been hanging out here to prepare myself for the switch as well as learn more about the new way of doing things in Mac.

    Anybody tried using Photoshop Elements? I have version 4 and it comes with a picture manager where you can download your photos from your camera (or memory card) and organize them to your liking. You can also tag your photos with different keywords making it easier to find a picture later.

    I know it's not as "lean" as a simple image viewer but it can be handy to have a full blown image editor (and I prefer Elements to the full Photoshop version for home use). It is also not free, but it does come bundled with lots of cool hardware like Wacom tablets and Canon digital cameras.

    In this post I am basing my experience on the Windows version, the DVD also contains a Mac version but unfortunately I haven't been able to try it yet, I assume it is very similar.

    Hope I could contribute something to this threat, although I am not part of the Mac family yet.


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    Thumbs down Trouble with iPhoto
    I'm having trouble with iPhoto also. I hope someone can help.

    When I write in the comments area, sometimes they remain and sometimes they don't. I do not see a way to "save" them.

    When I delete the duplicate copies, they seem to return the next time I open my machine. Why?

    I can't even figure out how to put the photos in a folder.

    I'm a beginner with this, so please help!

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