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    language switch over shortcut?
    I'm looking to see if there is a short cut to changing languages.

    like everyone else, i'm coming from windows where i only needed to click alt to switch from english to korean for typing.

    i will be asking lot more questions from here on out

    12" powerbook 1.33ghz G4, 80GB, 1.25gb mem

    got a heck of a deal on it

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    Not quite that fast but:

    Go to System Preferences->International
    Choose "Input Menu"
    Check any choices you want to make available
    Check the "Show input menu in menu bar" box at the bottom

    There will now be a little flag in your menu bar. Click on the flag and it will show you a list of choices. You can switch back and forth between English and Korean that way.

    Hope this helps.

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    on my old iBook, the shortcut in finder was apple+spacebar
    I set it on my macbook so it does the same thing. Any time I need to type in Japanese (which I set as my no.2) I just hit that, and type away.

    To check your keyboard shortcuts go to system prefs>keyboard and mouse> keyboard shortcuts.

    It should be under Input Method>select the previous input source. You may have to change it, as for my macbook, I think it was something else by default. That should work for you

    You should be able to easily switch between dictionaries then. Good luck!

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