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    Resume not opening in Word format.
    Hey everyone,
    could anyone please help me out. Lately I have been applying for jobs online and have been sending my resume all over. However, in the last week I have noticed that employers are emailing me back saying could you please send the resume in a word .doc format. The thing is I have been sending my resume in a word format word 2004 for Mac but I do not understand why they are not receiving my document in word. Could this be because my comp has a virus in it? I have never had this problem before as I send all my documents to my desktop and print off of that. I am not sure what to do but was wondering if someone, or anyone had any pointers. I emailed myself my resume and I could open it and it's fine but when I email to my DeskTop and open it through windows it asks me all the steps such as Choose the program to open this file and such. Please any help would be much appreciated.
    P.S. I have clicked on the compatiblity test and everything seems fine there.


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    There are two things you should try:

    1/ Use Word to write out a PDF version. This is generally openable by anyone with Adobe Acrobat reader.

    2/ Use Word to "down save" to "Word 4.0-6.0/95 Compatible". You can do this via the Save As menu selection. Again, this format should be readable by anyone with an even reasonably current version of Word.

    I would recommend the PDF though - it takes all the doubt out. To create the PDF, select the Print function. You will see a PDF drop box on the lower left.
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    Hey Mac57,

    Thanks your right. The .pdf does open up, however, unfortunately several job sites require people to send resumes in either word perfect, microsoft word, rtf and one more I cant remember. But I figured out why people were not able to open the file and it was because (silly me!) I wasn't saving as a .doc file. So instead of saving as resume, I tried saving it as resume.doc and now it opens with no hassles. If I save it as a doc file, although word saves it as a doc file other employers cannot identify that its a document but by saving it as resume.doc it works great. Thanks for the PDF information though since an employer emailed me a few minutes ago asking me to send it as PDF.


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