OK, so I bought and installed the regular mac UB version of Civ4. I'm running a Macbook 1.83Ghz, 60Gig, 1.25Gig.

When I open the game I get a cute little message saying my machine doesn't meet the min requirements, but with unit animations turned off and all graphics set to medium it runs fine, though the fan stays on.

There are some glitches, even with the newest patches applied, but I don't think thye are hardware related. I think they are Aspyr's fault. for example, the "team" colors on units (though not on their team flags) sometimes switch to another team's color during battles and once in a while the battles don;t soom in when they should. A quick google showed that the Aspyr Mac release is notorious for behavior like this though.

I suspect Aspyr just added the macbook incompatibility message so people wouldn't complain they couldn't run the game at full graphics on their macbooks. It runs smooth and actually runs better every time I start the game as OSX adapts to the app.

What I want to know though is if the Warlords expansion pack will run similarly or not? Aspyr actually has a note on their website that they didn't have on the original Civ4 release saying specifically Intel GMA950 isn't supported. Did they just ad this to stop angry calls from ppl wanting to return the game when they get the stupid (and bogus) incompatibility text box after install, or does it genuinely not run?

Anyone know for sure (as in you've tried it - not "I think so...")?