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    Talking How to combine multiple PDF's into 1??
    The other day I tried combining multiple PDF's into one with automator and it was taking so long to process. It wasn't even a lot of documents.

    Whats the best way to combine multiple PDF's into a single documents with either automator or another application?



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    there's a few I could recommend, as I do plenty of this these days (adjusting my resume and folio for job hunting)

    Search for these at a site like

    PDFlab - this was the first I used, but when I put it on my macbook, it had a few issues. May not be intel yet.

    Combine PDF's - worked like a charm. Easy to use, and gives great file sizes. I don't think I could find a better app out there, and it's for free! It's very fast on my macbook, so it should blaze through any task on your macbook pro.

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    I used PDFLab to put together chapters for a book last summer. Worked great, and it allows individual pages to be added/removed in the resultant PDF, which is fantastic for editing PDF files.

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