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damianharvey 01-08-2007 05:43 PM

idvd crashes on startup
I am new to the Mac so sorry if this is something obvious.

When I start idvd I am presented with the opening splash screen with the 4 buttons ("Create Project", "Open Existing" etc). If I click on any of these or there menu equivalents, idvd will crash without providing any message.

The same happens with imovie hd.

I am on iDvd 6.0.3. I have tried trashing the existing copy and reinstalling from the CDs that came with the laptop, however this hasn't resolved the issue. I can't see any relevant logs.

The console.log has some entries when idvd opens (eg. iDVD[1560] Swapping: __stoplight_close), however nothing from when it crashes.

Any ideas? Could this be related some of the other issues that I am having:
- Shutdown from Apple Menu doesn't work. Just restarts desktop with apps closed.
- Clicking "More Info" from "About this Mac" from the Apple Menu restarts the desktop with apps closed.

I am a troubled soul ;)

Thanks in advance.


damianharvey 01-10-2007 12:20 PM

This was caused by the StopLight app that I had installed when I first switched from Windows to the Mac ( If I add iDvd and iMovie to the excluded apps then it is fine.

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