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    Lightbulb bad iphoto transfer to idvd
    hi, can anyone give me a tip for the following problem: i'm trying to send a slideshow from iphoto to idvd because this seems to be the only way to burn it to disk these days. when the "share" is finished converting it is basically black and white with funny green stripes. i am working in pal and all these settings seem to be ok. when i export to quicktime it is color but i lose not only general quality but my widescreen format as well. i might end up trying to shoot the screen with my video camera- i don't want to spend $70 for a screen capture program.....any hints out there?



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    When iPhoto sends stuff to iDVD, it will deposit a .mov file of the slideshow in your Movies folder. Check that to see if it's OK. If it is, iDVD is mangling it, and if it isn't, iPhoto is mangling it.
    The other way is to use the Export facility to export a quicktime file, although for some reason you can only select 4:3 aspect output formats

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    it's definitely arriving from iphoto mangled and unfortunately these programs run on automatis- ie you can't make any real adjustments. in an older version of iphoto you could burn a slideshow directly to a dvd, but now you have to go through all the apple programs. ok, more time in front of the computer...
    thanks for the reply!

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