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    Angry Navigation Menu in iWeb
    Can somebody help me? I am putting a website together in iWeb but the navigation menu is all messed up when I publish and view the site. It looks fine in iWeb itself but is all jumbled. Has anyone got any tips?

    Thanks, Karon

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    could you take a couple of screens? 1 of the iWeb preview, and another in your browser. Try publishing in different browsers too, as not all features will work in a single browser. Just be sure too that the dimensions are appropriate 800x600 (or slightly less, taking tabs and menus into account) is still a safe way to go.

    Haven't used iWeb at all (I design all my own work, and templates bug me) but does it have some kind of browser check? A feature like this checks that the pages you create are as web friendly as possible.

    Also, have you uploaded it? If so, could you give us a link. It might just be your browser or browser settings.

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    What exactly you mean by "messed up"? Has the layout changed? Is there a problem with the links?

    Clean your browser's cache and reload your published page. Becuase the way iWeb uses to name each image on your navigation bar, sometimes if you change it and publish the result can be different, i.e. the links are not what you expect (About instead of Blog) but they take you where they are supossed to (thus, click on About takes you to the Blog).

    Is there a problem with links that are not available? Some times an image or text box can cover the menu and prevent you from using it once the page is published. Go to View>Show Layout, to see if things are not in the right place.

    Usually the navigation bar is published without problems, as long as you are using a standard or tested template. If you are a little more specific i can help you, screenshots and the address would help a lot too.
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