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    Unhappy Questions about programs after an erase and install
    Ive pretty much resolved to do a fresh reinstallation (NOT an Archive and Install) of OS X on my G5 iMac 17 2Ghz, 2GB, with OS X 10.4 and all updates. I have a couple questions about this.

    iTunes- Ive backed up my library and Im wondering if on my fresh installation will restoring my iTunes library end up using up one of my computer authorizations for all my purchased content? Does authorization actually go by computer serial number or something else?

    MS Office- Also, same here: will a reinstall of that end up using one of my authorization codes (student edition comes with five codes)?

    AirPort Express- I manage an AirPort Express base station from my computer. Will I have any trouble with that after a complete erase and install? Or will it all just work if I have all the correct passwords?

    GarageBand- is there a way I can save my user-created instrument/track settings?

    And finally, are there any other files, settings, etc., that I should save for my fresh install?

    I have AppleCare but thought Id exhaust my options before taking it in.

    The back story: came home yesterday and woke my iMac from sleep and logged in. Computer goes to default OS X background (not my chosen background) and takes about fifteen minutes to log in (it usually takes less than 30 seconds). Once logged in Mail takes about 10 minutes to start then informs me that my home directory is full, though I still have 66GB of free space on my hard drive. (Other programs only work in one-second bursts while Mail is taking its sweet time.) The only option presented by Mail is "quit".

    I have three user accounts on my computer: my standard user account; an admin account; a guest account. The only account regularly used is my standard user account. The icon for my standard user account has changed to a default icon but I did not change it.

    I ran all the usual stuff, repair permissions, repair disk, restart. Still excruciatingly slow login and fan runs at full speed until I move the mouse. Command-Option-P-R. Still slow and full blast fan. Ran some scripts linked to from the apple support website. Still slow and full blast fan. Removed recently installed programs (iStumbler, beta AirPort Traffic widget). Still slow and fan runs full blast during fifteen minute login process until mouse is moved. Fan also runs full blast when screen goes into power save mode until mouse is moved.

    Backed up iTunes library last night and for some reason computer automatically shut down after backup with no input from me. The computer did not do that last time I backed up the iTunes library. Im able to turn my computer on this morning but it still has an excruciatingly slow login process. Once logged in computer seems about normal, maybe a hair slower.neye:

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    iTunes- I'm pretty sure you will have to use one of your registrations.
    Office- Try using the same one. They usually work, and if it has been uninstalled, it should work again. That's how it was on Windows.
    Airport- Should "Just work" Settings should be saved internally or to the network.
    Garageband- I know nothing about Garageband.
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    iTunes: Yes it will use one of your authorizations, however you can deauthorize your computer first.

    Airport: Just works as long as you have the passwords.

    MS Office: No you can reuse the code you had before.

    Garage Band: I do not know about this one.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cosmicblip View Post

    GarageBand- is there a way I can save my user-created instrument/track settings?

    Yes there is. If you drag and drop say a guitar track, you can double-click on the track this will open on the right an effects window. On that track you can apply an effect in the guitar section and save your effect. Next time you want to apply the same effect it will be in that list. I know that there are other settings with which you can play, like for instance reverb. See the attached screen shot...
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