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earachefl 01-01-2007 05:32 PM

Mail - names of mailboxes don't sync with accounts
OK, I did what was probably a really dumb thing. I was looking to remove excess junk from my HD and trashed mail in what should have been an invalid account, in a folder labeled POP-(myoldadress) - which is a mail account which I never use and which is disabled in Mail. Imagine my surprise when I reopened Mail and found that all of my messages in my current account ( had been deleted instead! On further examination, I find that there is NO folder with a name which includes on my drive.

I'm most likely royally screwed. Data Rescue hasn't been able to find the trashed messages.

Is it possible that Mail stores messages in mis-labeled folders? Has anyone else experienced or heard of this? Any other ideas for getting my stuff back?

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