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Thread: backing up Mac software and documents

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    backing up Mac software and documents
    I know how to backup data from a Mac to an external harddrive, but it is very time consuming after first try, when each time, the entire contents have to be transferred each time.

    I know that software exists that would only transfer new material to the external hard drive but the freeware and shareware does not make clear what each does. Is there a reliable freeware or opensource software that I can install and will copy only what is new, including going into folders and taking out rewritten documents from previous backstoppimg?

    Thanks much.

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    Welcome to Mac-Forums, spartagroup. I hope you stick around.

    I use SuperDuper! which isn't freeware but your license is good for life so I think it's a fabulous investment and it's very configurable: you can choose all types of backups and ask for them to be scheduled. And all that.

    If using freeware only is important to you, maybe another member can drop by and give you more suggestions.

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    thanks much for suggestion
    Freeware would've been nice, but I'm more than happy to contribute what I hope will be a modest fee to the creator of this program in order to use his/her creation.



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