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bobtomay 01-01-2007 09:59 AM

Audio Hijack vs Wiretap Pro
Found a few posts, most pretty old - 2005

Have sorta looked at iFill, Wiretap Pro and Audio Hijack plus Fission
Don't mind paying for nice software vs freeware as in Audacity

Am just wondering if any of you have actually tried and compared these different apps, and your opinions of them. Maybe save me several hours or days of experimenting with all of them. Audio Hijack Pro plus Fission looks like it may be a very nice piece of software. From the WireTap website looks like it is only compatible with iPod devices. I do not at this time use any type of device like this, but would like the freedom to choose what I believe would be best for me and not be stuck with having to purchase a proprietary device unless I deem it is the best.

Some features I'm looking for iTunes takes care of very nicely like setting up auto podcast recordings. Would also like to record radio streaming I listen to, say an hour at a shot or so, and then go into it and edit it back to individual tracks so I can keep only the ones I like and toss the rest. And of course import tracks from my personal CD's. Have never done that much music stuff on computer, have been primarily into video for many years.

Any input is appreciated - Thnx.

caribiner23 01-01-2007 04:42 PM

I've used them both, and I much prefer WireTapPro. I've used it the way you describe, but mostly I use it to capture audio from DVDs and Skype conversations for our podcast.

For recording streaming radio stations that play through iTunes, I use RadioLover. Awesome piece of software..

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