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BernaskiBLAZE 12-30-2006 04:43 PM

I am currently using crossover a program suggested by someone on this site. The program does what I want it to but sometimes when I click in some of the windows that are up it doesnt work and I have to click about 50 times.

Is there any other prgrams like this but that may work a little more profient.

eric 12-30-2006 07:42 PM

not sure what you mean by crossover?

what's the name of the program and what's it supposed to do?

NanoBite 12-30-2006 09:08 PM

Is this an app that doesn't require Boot Camp or Parallels?

BernaskiBLAZE 12-31-2006 03:13 AM

ya it seems to work well and runs my exe but I havent really tried to run that many so who knows how well it will work. Says it runs using windows 98 so that might explain why it is so slow

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