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    Flash-like Vector program
    I've been able to come across quite a few Vector graphics programs that work on Mac, but none of them seem to have the one characteristic of Flash that makes it reign supreme for me.

    In flash, you can manipulate objects much more, such as stretching just one part of a line, outside of fixed points, removing parts of a circle, or joining a line and a circle together, if you wish.

    Does anyone here know of any good, preferably free, programs that act the same way for drawing as Flash does?
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    Adobe Illustrator :spook:

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    I agree ! what i like in flash is bending the lines easely,
    What i dont understand Flash and Illustrator are both from adobe,wy is it then so, difficult to incorperate the same type of flexibillity into illustrator, because illlustrator isn't so bad, ah well, write a e-mail to adobe, or maybe there is a plug in to do tha same stuff in Illustrator? Enybody?..., is there?

    Greets DJLZZ

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    Illustrator and Flash are both from Adobe, but Flash was largely developed by Macromedia, which Adobe took over. That explains any interface differences between the two. You can draw up things in Illustrator and import them to flash if you are happier working in Illustrator.

    Eventually the two will become more similar as Adobe develops the software further
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