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    can anyone help with appleworks?
    I'm an estonian mac and appleworks 6 user and I'm having trouble with dotted letters (all the weird letters that have dots or roofs or other things above them, not used in english). all my schoolwork has to be typed in times new roman and this is my default font. I also have estonian keyboard installed. the trouble is, that whenever I type one of those letters, it automatically appears in helvetica. all the next letters appear in times new roman again, but when I erase a letter in helvetica, the active font is changed to that (which makes sense I guess). So far my solution has been selecting all when I have finished typing and set the font to times new roman (which, the way I see it, must mean that appleworks can use the whole font set but it just won't by default). can you suggest anything? it has really started to annoy me.

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    I just tried this with Appleworks here. I see exactly what you're running into.

    Unfortunately, I can't see a way around this. It seems to be a limitation in Appleworks.

    It may be your only answer would be to use another word processing program.

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    something I forgot to add before - I don't think I've had that problem from the beginning, could it be that it started when upgrading to tiger or by some other update?
    thanks a lot for trying to help.

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