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    I dled UnRarX to un-archive a rar file-now i cant find it!!!
    K so i dled unrarx for mac osx to extract some rar files...

    the program seemed to work fine and extracted everything to 100% and it said it was unarchived to "file directory"

    however i cant find the files that i un archived???

    someone help

    normally on a PC i would go to search and input " files created today" and it would usually come do i search files created today on the MAC?

    and any ideas as to where my extracted files might be??

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    unrarx, from what i remember unpacks to the same directory the rar files are in.

    you could check the preferences of unrarx and see if that's true.

    also check out "split and concat", i prefer that over unrarx. it will pester you for a donation when you run it, but it's just in the confirmation dialog.
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    if you go through the motions again to extract the rar file, look carefully to see if you can browse to extract the contents to a new folder you create on your desktop.

    Then when this is done, look at the files in the folder and perform a Spotlight search for them, one by one and you should be able to delete them from wherever you find them. EXCEPT from the folder on your Desktop.

    In Spotlight, add the search item name and click Show All. Then in the window that opens, highlight the item and Command/right-click and select Reveal In Finder to show where the file is exactly.

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