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Thread: I downloaded PERIAN- STILL cant play mpeg4/Avi

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    Dec 06, 2006
    Quote Originally Posted by Pulse-8 View Post
    OK let's backtrack a little, have you ever been able to play avi or mpeg videos and have audio/video without any hassle?

    What are your mac specs?

    no i just got this mac like last week...

    i am able to play wmv videos after installing flip4mac..

    i hav never been able to play avi files..

    i have a macbook pro 2.33 ghz intel core 2 duo, 2gb ram.

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    hi, first post, similar problem
    .avi files are the WORST. I've tried Perian, 3ivx and Divx converters, "Divx Doctor II" , a VLC player, all things sworn to have worked on ANY avi files but none of them do!! avi' are an endless frustration. Why doesn't Apple lead the way in an innovation that once and for all just plain WORKS? I've tried erasing the avi extension and replacing it with .mov or .mpeg, but nothing seems to work. And what's wores are files with double extensions like .avi.mpg. What is that anyway? I thought that the .mpg second extension would at least get me in the door with quiktime, but the "Error could not open file" window comes up WITH NO EXPLANATION AS TO WHY!! This has got to be my biggest gripe with my iMac.......

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    i had a lot of the same problems with .avi files on all my windows machines. there's no real standard codec for .avi, so it's a hunting game. on my windows machines i would even dl programs that were supposed to detect the codec and suggest the name/where to dl. and even that barely worked. divx probably was able to handle about 1/2 to 2/3 of them though.

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