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    mac mail - problem with export
    hello, I have a new mac and I want to update the new mac mail program with all my saved messages from my older mac. However, nothing seems to work

    In my existing program, I did a select all to highlight all the messages I want to save. Next, I did a "save as" as directed by Help, I saved the messages in "Raw Message Source" this produces a File.

    I take the file to my new mac, but mail won't let me import it. When I look for a file to import I see it but it is not highlighted. The file also doesn't have any tpye of extension neither. What could I be doing wrong?

    Thank for the help!


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    Well when I changed Macs I used the Migration Assistant so what I am about to describe to you is logically how I would do it if I hadn't used Migration Assistant, m'kay? ;^)

    So go on your old Mac and spot your mail here: Macintosh HD ---> Users ---> Your user account ---> Library ---> Mail and in that folder is all your stuff. Now, maybe another member with more knowledge can jump in here and say which one of those files you need to drag over to the new Mac and drop in the exact same place, same path, in the new Mac.

    You'd need to connect them either by ethernet cable or via FireWire cable (and use the FireWire target disk mode).

    Of course this is all good if your older Mac is on Mac OS X as well. If not all this post is rubbish. :^D

    Edited to add:

    Oh and btw, welcome to Mac-Forums, moonra! Hope you enjoy your stay!

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    thank you for your tip and the warm welcome.

    It worked just fine. I'm wondering, do you think there is a similar operation for exporting my fftp settings in adobe golive?

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    Glad that worked for you.

    As for the ftp settings for GoLive, I really don't know.

    You might try the same path right up to the preferences folder and see if there isn't a dedicated folder for GoLive or Adobe GoLive and see what's in there.

    I'm sure the ftp stuff is somewhere on your old Mac but where? I do have GoLive CS2 but haven't used it yet so cannot say from experience.

    Maybe someone else in Mac-Forums has this knowledge...

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