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    .AVI files to dvd
    Forgive me if this sounds dumb, but i have been trying to burn a avi file to read as a dvd in a dvd player and have no idea how to do it. well i have toast and i burned it as a movie but it won't play in the dvd player.....any advice please??

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    open iDVD, you will be able to burn an avi with that program. it's pretty easy, but the interface may take a bit of trial and error to use. if you drag and drop, drag the file to the text area of the preview window, not the 'picture' part of the preview window.

    it will take some time. plan on leaving yourself up to 5 hours if you have an hour or two of movie for conversion, burning, and error checking.

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    i have benn using ffmpegx to convert the file to audio and video ts files and burning them in toast as a data file. so far it seems to be working for me.

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    You can use Burn, which is a great little free utility that can create DVDs and VCDs from video files with no messing.

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