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    Question Potential new user needs assistance
    I'm a serious amateur woodworker who is going to purchase a Design Intuition furniture CAD package. The developer recommends that, since I'm going to purchase a pretty much dedicated computer for it, I get a Mac. Although I have, of course, used PCs for years, I have never owned a Mac and don't have the faintest idea which one I should get. The computer will be used for CAD, surfing the net, keeping my books, and probably a little work processing. I'd appreciate some help with what hardware, and operating system I should purchase.

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    do you need it to be mobile?
    if not an imac should do, no need for a pro with those reqs.

    if you need it to be mobile, you may want a macbook pro - you'll get dedicated video which should help with the cad, though more importantly you'll get more screen real estate which will definitley help with the cad.

    if you do decide to go with the smaller macbook then at least upgrade to 2Gb or ram to handle the cad as the mb has no dedicated video memory, and that may hurt your performance. though i admit i have no direct mac experience with cad, it's an educated guess. you will hopefully get a few more replys from those who have had experience.

    also, for future reference, putting a bit more info in the title will ensure the right people are drawn to your thread (pun was not intended).
    something like "new user help - CAD on a mac?

    welcome to the forums!

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