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    Exclamation Warcaft3: The Frozen Throne- Problem !!
    So, uh, Merry Christmas! I got tft expansion for wc3, but one problem-- it won't work! >.<

    So, before, without the expansion, to make wc3 work I had to remove divx components of some sort... the DivX Decoder.componenet and the DivX Encoder.compenent.

    But now it's doing the same thing with tft then it did with riegn of chaos, where it just opens up as a black screen for three seconds or so then just exits out of the program with no message sign or anything...

    Ok, so I've tried to place the divX stuffs back, didn't do anything, but that was the only idea I had... so please, any help is appreciated.

    I'm running a 1.66 duo mini, ofcorse with 10.4.8... if that matters

    Also, I've searched the site but couldn't find my specific situation... but sorry if this is a repeat, really.... I'm pretty bad at searches so...ya...

    Thanks again,

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    What does it do when it loads?

    When I installed WC3, it defauled to full screen, but will only run in window'd mode. If this is the case, Apple-M switches it out of full screen mode.

    If that doesn't fix it, hopefully someone else has some real help.

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