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Thread: adium problem

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    adium problem
    i just got adium, to use with msn, and it keeps cutting off every 3-4mins with an error message. its not the new 1.0 beta either, im using osx 10.4.8, any ideas whats going on?

    also, just checked the port its on, and its saying its fine...

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    If your using it for an MSN account, make sure that the same email is not being automatically signed in on another computer. It's happened to me lots of times so check that out. Also, What kind of internet are you using? Are you connected through a router? Wirelessly? What does the error message say?
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    If it's anything like me with most other clients (Each OS I use has its own client that does the same thing) it's a problem connecting to MSN. Near as I can figure, it's something with their servers, or the client not keeping constant contact with their servers.

    Does the message look like this:
    "The service cannot be found"
    Or just anything about the service, servers, etc. If so, then all I can personally suggest would be a different client.
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