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    Sims 1 from PC to Mac?
    I have the original Sims & all the expansion packs installed on my PC. I now have a Macbook, and I know that I can convert the skins, downloads, etc so that they are Mac readable. Is there a way to convert my save files on my PC as well?

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    well, you can run windows on a macbook.
    Don't know if there's anything to convert files like that. It seems unlikely, but if you're using 3rd party software to convert other files, the developer of that software may know something.

    Since you actually have windows as well, I think installing that on your macbook might be a good idea. I personally haven't done that on my macbook, so I don't know much in that department, but I think it would be a pretty good option to consider.

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    has anyone tried to run windows version of sims2 in paralelles?

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    Parallels is not built for gaming. You would be much better off just using bootcamp
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