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Thread: Performace Apps

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    Dec 12, 2006
    Performace Apps
    Being a both windows and a newer mac users I was wondering if their was any Performace enhancing applications, defrag, clean sweep, reg cleaner, stuff of that nature.

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    Well, unlike PC's, Macs rarely need to be defragged. According to Apple, they don't need it at all. As for the cleaning and such, there are applications that can do all that stuff. You can just go to the Apple software site, and find all sorts of free apps that do the things that you want.
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    regular cache cleaning with onyx is a good first step. lots of other tweaking available with this little gem. and its free.

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    Sep 21, 2006
    yea i really liked the use of onyx
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    I run Onyx on a regular basis cos I shut my iMac down at night.

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    Something I find is really essential in the Mac emergency arsenal is Alsoft's DiskWarrior. It might seem pricey but it is worth every penny IMO.

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    Sound like it's saved you before, MacHeadCase....?

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    Yep. One time without any warning we had a power outage (a rarety here, electricity is pretty stable in my city) and I was working on my iMac G5. We don't have the money to buy a BackUPS system for the time being to protect my iMac in these types of situations. Needless to say I kinda expected the iMac to be a bit weird when the power came back a few hours later.

    It would refuse to go past the grey screen and the spinning dial on boot up. So I popped in the DiskWarrior CD, it repaired the directory and all was smooth again. *Phew*

    In the days of Jaguar, it bailed me out a-plenty as that version of Mac OS X was pretty unstable. Panther was much better. But the directory repairs sometimes will speed up your Mac I find.

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    I recommend Macaroni. Install once and forget about it.

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