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    macbook halflife (1)
    i tried to load halflife (original) on the macbook using cross over but when the start scene comes up (after clicking new game) and the dreaded train journey begins, all i hear is sound, and see a blackscreen.

    I mainly want to be able to install counter strike (1.5) and be able to network it with my house mates (on windows). Is it possible to play cs 1.5 on a macbook over lan vs a windows machine?

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    ugh, i doubt it will work.

    pretty much any game that relies on 3d graphics and requires a decent framerate to play will not run to your satisfaction on a macbook (mainly due to the shared video memory (no dedicated video card).

    even games that seem like they should be passable, like the sims 2, sim city 4, civ IV are just way too slow to play even at minimum graphics settings.

    check out this thread:
    what games are working on your macbook

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    I bet the GMA950 could handle Half Life 1

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