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Thread: iChat alerts

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    iChat alerts
    How can i set an alert in iChat so i get a message whenever someone changes their state?

    I don't want to get sound effects for every buddy i just want to tag a couple buddies and keep tabs on them.

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    as far as i know i don't think that's possible yet

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    It sure is possible.
    Just select your desired buddy from your list and hit Command+I.
    Then, in the drop down menu of the window that appears select actions.
    Here you can set custom alrert sounds for that buddy only.
    See the attached pic.
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    you can install growl and chax then it will pop up a little overlay in the top right for a few seconds letting you know when people come on or off and it shows you their message if iChat is buried behind other windows
    when you install growl then chax go into ichat prefs and there will be a chax icon in the toolbar then go to notifications and check enable growl.

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    **** it...i just found the settings hahhaa. sorry about that. i use Adium more than i do iChat.

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    I use Adium + Growl and it is a sweet setup.. I never miss a message now.

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