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    Mac Dialer & Recorder

    I am looking for an app that will allow me to dial via Apple's USB modem and record the call. I am involved with a lot of conference calls (where I listen, not necessarily talk) and I would like to record them as mp3 or some other audio file.

    Shareware is fine, and commercial software is also ok. I know there are a lot of these apps on Windows machines, but I want it on my Mac

    An extra bonus would be the capability to set the time to make this call in the event I am not home at the time of the call.

    Thanks for your help!


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    skype. you can pay for minutes and you can get a number.

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    Use existing phone line
    I appreciate the idea of using Skypes, but it is not the type of solution for which I am looking.

    I would like to use my existing phone line instead of paying extra for Skypes. In addition, I prefer the quality of the wired lines verses some of the 'tin' sounding quality from Skyes.

    When I searched the archives, I did not see an application that allows for dialing via the modem and recording.



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