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    Mail help
    Few questions if anyone can help me out.

    Firstly, you know how if you have sent an email to somone and the address appears automatically, how do I see all of these addresses which I've sent to? And how can I save them as different names, (if this is possible)?

    Secondly, is it possible to have any formatting options when typing out messages? I have no options (Or can't find them) such as applying bold/italic to a particular word or sentence, and also have no options to put any bullet point characters in. Is there no such thing as a toolbar with all of these on to put onto the UI?

    Any help appreciated


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    You are talking about Mac OS X's, yes?

    I've sent emails with Bccs and Ccs (many recipients) and never saw all the names receiving these emails listed in my sent folder. If there is any add-on capable of modifying this, you'll find it most probably here, Hawk Wings - Plug-ins for Apple Mail.

    And as for italicizing or making text bold, it's pretty simple: highlight the word(s) you want to change the appearance and either do Command (Apple key) + i for italic text, Command (Apple key) + b for bold text or do both in succession if you want bold italic text.

    Re-highlighting the changed text and doing the same keyboard commands will bring them back to regular text.

    As for bullets, I use Option + Shift + 8 but this key combination might be different for you as I use a French keyboard layout.

    Hope this helps. :girl:

    Edited to add:

    If you want to customize's toolbar, go to's menubar ---> View ---> Customize Toolbar...

    Mine looks like this (screenshot below). Could be the default in Tiger's though. I usually add items in the toolbar if I can and if they are useful to me but if I remember correctly, didn't have all that many useful funky items to add.
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