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    Unhappy World of Warcraft.
    First when I got my mac (iMac G5 PPC, 2.1GHz, memory 512MB, 10.4.8), I had MAJOR HUGE TORMENTOUS lag issues with world of warcraft.. I'm talking about 0.001 FPS

    Anyway, now I've managed to fix the lag issues and all, but now when I'm playing, my screen suddently goes pitch black, or just freezes still, and I gotta restart the mac by pressing the powerbutton down till it shuts down and then starting it again.. It's really annoying when it does that!

    I was wondering if someone, who knows more about macs and stuff, could help me out with this issue please?

    I'm pretty pro at using Windows but when it comes to macs.. I'm a total newbie. So I haven't got the smallest clue of what might be going on.

    Please HELP!

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    Repair permissions by going to Disk Utility.

    Buy more RAM, at least an additional 1GB.

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    too little ram shouldn't make the screen just go black though..

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    Are you having that problem just with WoW? If you are having problems with WoW alone, the program and its needs for RAM could be the origin...
    I had played WoW in my iBook with 512mb for a few days, i had no problem, the FPS where good enough. The more RAM you have, the better OSX will perform, but this sounds like you should check other stuff. Get Onyx, it will help you with permissions, daily/weekly/monthly checks and more.
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    Graphics card. Is it supported?

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    Graphics card!

    Check to make sure the fan is running. If the graphics card gets too hot, it's going to freeze and crap out.

    You definitely need more memory man. 512mb isn't going to cut it. Though, memory isn't going to cause that issue of a blacked out screen. It would only lock up your system.

    I'd check into your graphics card first. Sounds like it's the problem.

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    sorry to bump in.

    is WoW for osx compatible with the new intel's?

    cant find this anywhere
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    Quote Originally Posted by kgeier82 View Post
    sorry to bump in.

    is WoW for osx compatible with the new intel's?

    cant find this anywhere

    works on mine
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