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    I need a GBA emulator >_>
    I've looked everywhere and cant find one, IF someone knows where I can get one free, I'll make love to them

    Also - it need to work on Max OS X 10.3.9

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    An actual GBA should be pretty cheap to buy since the DS and DS lite are now out. Gameboy Micro is another alternative and should play all GBA games. DS's will play GBA games, but don't support multiplay.

    I think you should at least own the handheld. If you like the games, support the companies by buying their products. It won't cost you all that much, and will run better than any emulator.

    Sure, it's hard to beat 'free' games, but paying for your games will make it much more satisfying - not to mention, legal.

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    yeah, like dtownley, i was going to say that my DS emulates GBA games... :-p
    pretty much emulates a number of games from the n64 too.

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    I have 2 Gamecubes, a DS, a Gameboy Advance, SP, SNES and well over $4000 worth of games total - I just wanna be able to play the games while I do my online work, and gamesharks are fun to **** with.

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